Allen's Info

A L L E N   J A C K S O N

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What you need to know about him: 

*Allen is Senior Pastor at Dunwoody Baptist Church, returning to a church he fell in love with as youth minister when both Allen and the church were in their thirties!  In the two decades in between, he was Professor of Youth Ministry at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary as well as founder and director of the Youth Ministry Institute.  His job at the seminary was to be a youth minister to youth ministers.  

 *Allen is passionate about preaching, discipleship, and loving on people. In addition to being a pastor, he still leads volunteer youthworker training events, marriage conferences and preaches youth camps, revivals, and churchwide events. He co-parents two adult children (college-aged) with Judi, his wonderful wife of 33 years. 

 What you might want to know about him:

 *Allen has written extensively for youth publications including Straight Trak Teen Bible Studies, Countdown: 20 Bible Studies for High School Seniors, Help! Peer Pressure, and Youthworker Journal, and Group magazine as well as six books: TEACH: an Ordinary Persons Guide to Good Youth Bible Study, Connected, Committed and a Little Bit Crazy (with Randy Johnson), Leaders, Lessons and Lifestyles, The 21st Century Teenager, Followology at Collegiate Ministry and Into Their Shoes. He has chapters in several other books and numerous articles.

 * Allen is a Texan by birth, but has also spent significant growing-up years in Georgia,  Mississippi, and Louisiana.  He has a business degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in accounting.

 *Allen is the husband of one wife (Judi) and the father of two children (Aaron, born in 1988 and Sarah, born in 1991).  By the way, Judi is also a doctor, having received her PhD in 2005 (and she is an adjunct prof at New Orleans Seminary as well!). She  enjoys filling her time with desk-top publishing, writing, running, and bargain-hunting.

 What you probably don't care to know about him:

 *Allen likes to play golf, pretend like he can still work on cars and exercise. He has completed two marathons so far.  He also enjoys drinking coffee, shooting the breeze, and skiing on snow or water.  Before ministry days, he was a line mechanic at a Pontiac dealership.

 *Parenting has not always been easy, and with a major hurricane in the middle of raising teenagers, Allen will tell you stories—but only over a cup of coffee.

 *Allen can wiggle his ears, touch his nose with his tongue, and make rude noises with his hands.

1445 Mt. Vernon Rd.  Dunwoody, GA